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100% Merlot. Named after the poem Liber de Culture Hortorum (Book on the Art of Gardening) by Benedictine abbot, theologian and poet Walafrid Strabo, describing 23 plants and their mythological significance and healing properties.

Certified organic IT BIO 006


Maturation & Refinement

Aged for 19 months in French oak tonneaux


Leccio Basso

Form of Growing



Grapes are picked by hand in small boxes. Alcoholic fermentation is spontaneous with natural yeasts in 1 ton vats. The extraction of color and tannins is facilitaed by punching down. Maceration of skins is occuring very delicately: Berries are falling from the destemmer directly into the vats without passing through a pump or tubes, hence remaining intact and crush solely due to the weight of berries themselves. Malolactic fermentation takes place in neutral barriques.

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A famed international grape, Merlot achieved outstanding success in Tuscany, producing extraordinary wines that challenge the French. Castagnoli's Merlot grapes create the single-vineyard, single-grape wine Hortulus.