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The vineyard Arcobaleno (Italian for rainbow) got its name through its unique bending shape. Planted at a time when Syrah was rarely grown in Tuscany, these old vines produce a very unique type of Syrah. Powerful, elegant and structured.

Can be ordered in 6-bottle cases.

Maturation & Refinement

Aged for 19 months in French oak tonneaux



Form of Growing



Grapes are picked by hand in small boxes. Alcoholic fermentation is spontaneous with natural yeasts in 1 ton vats. The extraction of color and tannins is facilitaed by punching down. Maceration of skins is occuring very delicately: Berries are falling from the destemmer directly into the vats without passing through a pump or tubes, hence remaining intact and crush solely due to the weight of berries themselves. Malolactic fermentation takes place in neutral barriques.


A regular year, which was neither too warm, nor too cool. Lots of rain. An even and slow ripening period resulted in elegant, harmonic and balanced wines, with strong perfume.

After an absence for over 80 years in Chianti, Syrah experienced a renaisance in the 1980s. It brings colour and structure to Sangiovese and has therefore been widely used in Chianti Classico wines. At Castagnoli we only produce single-grape wines to bring out their truest expression, the same goes for our Arcobaleno.